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Steve Slater, Computer Consulting

Phone: 808-572-7121    Maui, Hawaii

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7121 Support

Specializing in Remote Consulting Repair & Training, World-Wide.
 Call, during Business Hours, Hawaii Time and I'll direct you to 3 quick links,

 You then read me up the password on your screen which allows me to see your screen over the internet.

We talk over the telephone or Skype, while I explain, just like I was in the room with you.

After 1 hour the password expires, no one can link, the software vanishes when closed, very secure.

This type of linking is used by Microsoft, Dell, HP, and a lot of Remote Repair Websites, but
I have no employees, only me, Steve Slater and my 28 year reputation for honesty 808-572-7121

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